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When are accident injuries grounds for a personal injury claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause a myriad of injuries, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to major trauma that leaves Pennsylvania victims with lifelong disabilities. While accident injuries are not uncommon, it can be difficult to know what constitutes valid grounds for a personal injury claim. Some injuries, specifically those to the back, may linger and indicate a more serious problem over time.

Many back injuries typically heal in a few weeks, but some may seriously impact a person’s ability to work and participate in normal activities. People with more serious back injuries may face limited range of motion, lingering or shooting pain, bladder or bowel problems, fever and other issues. In some cases, a car accident can exacerbate the symptoms of a pre-existing back injury.

Serious back injuries may require expensive medical treatment, including therapy or surgery. If you suffered a back injury in a car accident caused by another person, you may have grounds to seek financial compensation. Although these types of car accident injuries are relatively common, you should not have to carry the financial burden that typically accompanies these problems. 

If you are unsure if your back injury merits a civil claim against the driver deemed responsible, it is beneficial to seek the opinion of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer. Do not dismiss your accident injuries because you assume that you do not have a strong case. When these injuries do not heal in a reasonable amount of time or result in a substantial financial or physical burden, take steps to protect your right to a full and fair recovery. 

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