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Faulty airbags increase risk of accident injuries and death

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvania readers may be aware of the scandal that has plagued the automaker Honda and a company called Takata, which makes airbags for several major automobile manufacturers. The scandal is over faulty airbags. Honda initiated a recall ultimately affecting 8.5 million vehicles because of a defect with the airbags that could lead to an increased risk of accident injuries, even death. At this point, at least one fatality and several injuries have been linked to the airbag defect.

New findings reveal that Honda may have been aware of a problem with the airbags long before the public was made aware. According to recently discovered information, the company requested that Takata begin to make their airbags with a fail-safe, a request that came after news of the injuries and one fatality. If this is true, it could be damaging for the automaker as the company did not report these requested changes to the proper authorities. 

While it is not known if Honda broke any laws, more legal problems could follow. Honda may be liable for damages suffered due to the defective airbags, and victims may file liability claims to recover compensation. A victim’s right to seek compensation is not contingent upon a criminal case against the liable party.

When defective car parts cause accident injuries or other problems, it is best to seek a legal opinion regarding what legal options may be available. No amount of restitution can undo the damage done by accident injuries or the death of a loved one, but a Pennsylvania lawyer can help. By understanding how to obtain rightful recovery, appropriate decisions can be made moving forward. 

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