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Have you suffered compensable damages in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Car Accidents

If you experienced damages because of the involvement in a serious car accident due to the fault of another individual, you may wonder whether you could seek compensation for any or all of the damages suffered. Many damages that result from such incidents could qualify as compensable. Therefore, you may want to determine what injuries and other damages resulted from your incident and how to potentially go about seeking recompense.

Resulting pain and suffering

Among the many damages a car accident can cause, pain and suffering commonly occur after a serious crash. Physical, mental and emotional distress could fall into this category. However, the severity of your injuries and suffering could determine whether you can claim these issues as damages needing compensation. Information provided by a medical professional – such as the possibility for future pain – could play a role in any compensation awarded.

Lost wages

Severe injuries often require a considerable recovery time, and, during that time, you may find yourself unable to work. While you may have accumulated some sick days or vacation time that you could put toward the missed work days, you may possibly require time that goes beyond those allotted days. As a result, you could find yourself losing wages and suffering financial damages for which you may wish to pursue recompense.

Medical expenses

In addition to lost wages, medical bills and other related expenses could also contribute to your financial hardships in the wake of your accident. These costs may directly relate to bills for treatment of your injuries, or they may present themselves as additional expenses, such as ambulance fees, crutches or other medical accessories, physical therapy, and in-home services. You may wish to have the potential costs of further necessary treatment and other expenses estimated in order to have an idea of the amount of compensation you may wish to seek.

Loss of consortium

In some cases, the injuries you suffered as a result of a car accident may not affect you alone. Your spouse could also potentially have reason to seek restitution for loss of physical affection and other companionship-related damages that may stem from your injuries. However, in order for your spouse to file a claim for such damages, you must also work to recover damages from the injuries themselves.

In order to fully understand what outcomes of a car accident could qualify as compensable damages, you may wish to consult with an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney. Such assistance could help you work toward gaining justice and applicable compensation.


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