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July 2017 Archives

Dreaming of a safer workplace? You could wake up to that reality

Work injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Despite advances in work safety protocols and oversight, there were almost three million work-related illnesses and injuries in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there are hazardous work places with a higher likelihood of accident, it's not always in jobs you might expect. Yes, careers in the oil, gas and construction industries are dangerous, but health care workers have a high rate of injury as well, from duties such as lifting patients.

Protecting your rights to compensation through an appeal

If you have suffered a severe injury while at work, you might be experiencing challenges in numerous areas of life. Perhaps you are currently unable to return to your job. When coupled with medical bills, a loss of income can lead to significant financial hardships.

Seeking compensation on behalf of your injured child

Children are prone to accidents. Tripping, falling and accidents of all kinds are a part of growing up, yet sometimes, injuries to children are not the result of a simple accident. If your child suffered serious or concerning injuries in an accident while visiting a public place or on privately owned Pennsylvania property, it is possible that his or her suffering is the result of negligence.

How long is the waiting period for workers' comp benefits?

Despite the efforts of safety authorities to protect workers nationwide, including in Pennsylvania, occupational hazards will always exist. Do you work for a company whose management focuses on profits with total disregard for employee safety? Your concern over your ability to care for your family if you should suffer serious workplace injuries can become a distraction, which could jeopardize your safety at work.