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Was the Pennsylvania driver who hit you distracted at the wheel?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Car Accidents

When you navigate Pennsylvania roadways as a motorist or pedestrian, it may prove wiser to ask “where” a distracted driver might be rather than “if” one is nearby. In fact, approximately one out of every four motor vehicle collisions is distracted driving related.

You may be a safe and cautious driver. When walking in crossroads or near traffic-laden roads, you can adhere to traffic safety regulations; however, if someone else is negligent, you may be the victim of a distracted driving accident. If that happens, your life will change, perhaps permanently. Understanding the three main types of driving distraction can help lower your injury risk. Knowing where to seek support if an accident occurs can help you achieve as full a recovery as possible if you suffer injury because of a distracted driver.

Most driving distractions fall under one of these categories

Any time a driver’s focus is taken away from the task at hand, he or she is distracted. Motor vehicle crash analysts have determined that there are three main types of driving distraction. The following list further explains this issue and provides examples of each:

  • Visual distraction: If you are not looking at the road ahead and immediate surroundings of your vehicle in traffic, you may be visually distracted. Drivers looking at roadside billboards or other scenery, turning to see rear seat passengers or looking at global positioning devices are at great risk for collision.
  • Cognitive distraction: Many fatal distracted driving accidents occur when drivers are lost in thought. Other issues that can cause cognitive distractions are listening to the radio while driving, getting behind the wheel while over-tired or talking to others inside the vehicle or on a cell phone.
  • Manual distraction: If you hand someone in your backseat something while you’re driving, you were manually distracted for a moment. Disaster can quickly occur if a driver is manually distracted, such as eating while driving, adjusting radio knobs or using a hand-held electronic device, the latter of which is illegal in many states.

Your simple trip to the grocery store or your child’s sporting event may turn into an emergency situation if a distracted driver crashes into your vehicle. Beyond the possible physical consequences of such incidents, you may also face serious financial strain in the aftermath of a distracted driving accident. Why should you bear the burden when someone else caused the accident?

Seeking full recovery 

You’ll be glad to know there are local resources available to help you obtain medical care, any living assistance care you might need and support for addressing the post-accident financial issues you may be facing as you try to recuperate. Many Pennsylvania accident victims seek full recovery for their losses through the civil justice system.


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