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High number of Pennsylvania teen drivers text behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Car Accidents

Texting and driving is a serious problem, and one that threatens the safety and well-being of every person on the road. A person who is texting and driving is cognitively, physically and mentally distracted, and poses a significantly higher risk for a car accident. Teens are particularly prone to engaging in distracted behavior behind the wheel.

If you are a driver in Pennsylvania, it is likely that you have witnessed distracted driving on the road. These drivers can exhibit some of the same behaviors as drunk drivers, such as swerving and driving at erratic speeds. A recent study looked at teen distracted driving in order to learn more about the habits of young drivers and how to combat this serious issue.

Distracted teens are dangerous drivers

Most people are aware of the serious hazards associated with driving while distracted, yet many drivers still choose to text while driving. Teen drivers are more susceptible to poor decisions and peer pressure, and they are more likely than other demographics to text and operate a vehicle.

A recent study from the Journal of Adolescent Health looked at the problem of teens texting and driving and attempted to better understand this issue. Some interesting facts learned from this study include the following:

  • As many as four in 10 teen drivers admit to texting while driving. Nationally, approximately 38 percent of teens engage in distracting behaviors behind the wheel.
  • Teens are not only prone to texting and driving as they may use social media and other apps while driving.
  • In Pennsylvania, as many as 35 percent of high school drivers admit to texting while operating a vehicle.

If you are a victim of a distracted driving accident, you know how devastating the damage can be. You do not have to navigate the aftermath alone, but you can take action to hold liable parties accountable for your suffering.

Take action to protect your interests

You can take steps to protect your interests by seeking help as soon as possible after an accident. As a victim, it is important to fight for your right to recovery by seeking compensation through a personal injury claim. You do not have to wonder about your legal options, but you can learn more about them through a case evaluation.

Distracted driving is preventable and irresponsible, and victims have the right to seek legal recourse to hold these drivers accountable for their actions.


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