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3 reasons why ridesharing services could lead to more accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

For many people, ridesharing apps have become a way of life. Whether it is running household errands or meeting up with friends, individuals often choose to use a service such as Uber or Lyft over other options. Unfortunately, these decisions could lead to serious motor vehicle collisions.

Many people use a ridesharing service either because they do not own a car or because they know they will be drinking and it would be irresponsible to drive themselves. Unfortunately, the use of one of these services does not eliminate the possibility of a collision. Even though every situation is unique, there are several factors that could lead to a deadly collision, including:

  • Crowded pick up/drop off locations: It is not uncommon for people to request a pick up or drop off destination that numerous others will be at. From a concert or sporting venue to an airport terminal or shopping mall, the rideshare vehicle will likely encounter traffic. These crowded spaces often result in serious collisions.
  • Driver fatigue: It is no secret that rideshare drivers often use this as an opportunity to supplement their regular income. Many of them have full time jobs and this part-time income on the side. Unfortunately, this often means the driver is too tired to safety navigate busy roads.
  • Drivers rushing to increase the number of customers: Rideshare drivers do not simply make an hourly wage as their income is tied to the number of fares they can deliver during the shift. Unfortunately, this often means they must quickly reach a destination before finding the next customer. The need to make fast trips could result in speeding or reckless driving.

Even though using a ridesharing app might often represent the responsible choice, these services are never free from risk. Outside the above examples, people face the possibility of an inexperienced driver, unskilled driver or defective vehicle safety system leading to significant injuries. From broken bones and head trauma to spinal cord damage and crush injuries, a vehicle collision can have long-lasting or deadly consequences.


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