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Why you should always seek medical attention after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Car Accidents

There are a few important things you should do after getting into a car accident. For starters, you have to contact the police so a report can be made. Then, you should also consider taking picture evidence so that you can prove the damages dealt to your vehicle. 

One thing you may consider avoiding is seeking medical attention after a crash. Perhaps you feel sore, have a minor bruise or cut or you feel entirely fine. As a result, when an ambulance shows up, you may refuse to have anyone examine you for injuries. 

Most people believe that they don’t need medical attention unless they have a traumatic injury, such as a broken bone, torn limb or skull fracture. However, if you’re in a car accident then you should always seek medical attention in case there are hidden injuries. Here’s why:

Delayed symptoms can hide serious problems

Some injuries aren’t immediately apparent. You could leave an accident and feel lightheaded or suffer from headaches days later. In some cases, you could suffer from a limp or feel a sharp pain in your body you didn’t realize you had after an accident.

This phenomenon likely occurs because people experience a rush of adrenaline after a car accident. This can result in people overlooking their injuries. When that adrenaline rush calms down, then people often find they were injured and needed medical attention sooner.

Proving your injuries to your insurance is easier

It isn’t just important to seek medical attention for your health but also so that you can report it to your insurance agent. This way your insurance company can confirm that your injuries occurred during your accident

If you’re in a car accident, you may need to understand your legal rights when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.


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