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A Number Of Bills To Protect Workers Are Gaining Traction In Pennsylvania 

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Workers across the nation have many rights. Some of these rights include protection from an unsafe work environment. This would mean that workers are protected from discriminatory actions or harassment. Workers are also protected from retaliation from an employer if a worker blew the whistle on unethical or unsafe actions.

Another right workers have is the right to fair wages. Here’s what you should know:

The right to fair wages

A right to fair wages means that a worker should be paid for their time. An employer would be violating this right if they, for example, withheld wages from a worker. Employers may try to steal wages from employees through a number of methods. 

One common wage theft tactic is withholding overtime pay. Another way wage theft occurs may steal wages is by keeping tips or paying employees below the minimum wage.

Wage theft can also occur when a worker is misclassified. Employers may label a worker as an independent contractor. Employers may deny workers certain benefits by labeling them as independent contractors, such as minimum wage, overtime pay and workers’ compensation. As a result, many people are working at the same level as full-time workers but receive fewer benefits and security. 

News laws to protect workers from misclassification 

Recently, House Bill 413 was voted on by the Labor and Industry Committee. This bill would help push back against misclassification by having written contracts that specify what project the contractor would be handling and how long they have to work on the project. This is critical protection for workers, as it makes it easier for them to access the benefits they are due, including workers’ compensation.

With this bill in place, many workers can get the benefits they deserve. Workers still facing wage theft issues and employment issues may need to learn about their legal rights to correct wrongdoing. 


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