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Pennsylvania worker crushed and airlifted to hospital

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2013 | Workers' Compensation

After losing positive control of an asphalt roller, a construction worker fell beneath the machinery. Officials hypothesize that one of its hydraulic lines broke, causing it to move forward erratically. After he tried to divert the machine from the roadway, it became unbalanced, and he fell on the ground face down. The machine continued rolling, and he was stuck underneath it. According to Monroeville Police, the incident took place in late August on an unspecified road around 15 miles from Pittsburgh.

Although doctors were later able to come to the scene and help extricate the individual, he suffered severe bodily harm in this accident and had to be taken to the hospital by air. His worker injuries included serious head trauma and significant blood loss. The asphalt company that employed him said that he was undergoing surgery following the accident, and it is unknown whether he currently remains in critical condition.

Officials say that they do not think the man caused the accident. It is unknown whether he has adequate workers’ compensation for the massive injuries that he sustained or whether the way his employer maintained the equipment had anything to do with the original fault that caused the accident.

Accident victims who suffer from workplace accidents often sustain severe injuries when heavy industrial machinery is involved. These injuries may require months or years of treatment, such as surgeries, physical therapies and rehabilitation, which usually come with high costs. Many victims find that their workers’ compensation doesn’t account for all of their fees or the fact that they can’t work while recovering. Personal injury attorneys may be able to help these individuals secure some form of compensation by examining employer safety records and establishing what exactly occurred.

Source: Global Post, “Worker falls off Pa. asphalt roller, run over by it and trapped; doctors help free him”, August 31, 2013


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