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7 hurt 10-vehicle car accident on I-83 in southern Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2013 | Car Accidents

A massive 10-vehicle car collision shut down Interstate 83 northbound in southern Pennsylvania, a major traffic artery for commuters coming out of Baltimore. The chain reaction auto accident injured seven people and backed up traffic for hours, according to news reports. The scene was chaos, twisted metal from with multiple crushed cars and a tractor-trailer rig carried on the back of a flatbed truck blocking the entire highway. It took emergency crews hours to clear the roadway.

The crash started when the flatbed rear-ended a vehicle and was subsequently itself struck from behind. The driver of the truck was able to crawl out of window to safety after his vehicle was flipped over but said that the scene that he then saw looked like something from out of a war zone. One driver said that she didn’t how she would get home via I-83 after the crash, but felt confident that she could figure out a way.

Not all drivers could take back roads, however, and were stuck on the Interstate. At one time after the crash, traffic was backed up the eight miles to the Maryland line. Seven people were injured in the accident, but all of them were expected to fully recover. Hazmat teams were called in to clean up a fuel spill that occurred at the scene of the crash.

Auto accidents in Pennsylvania can cost time, money and the well-being of those hurt or killed in a crash. A lawyer with a solid background in accident investigation and seeking compensation for victims may be able to help those who have suffered at the hands of a negligent driver, drunk driver or someone who was texting and driving.

Source: Baltimore CBS, “7 Injured In 10-Car Pileup On I-83 North Near Maryland State Line“, September 26, 2013


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