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November 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania woman killed in car accident; driver left the scene

There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished. Unfortunately, that seems to have come true for a Pennsylvania woman. She and her boyfriend were picking up a dead deer off the road that had been hit by another vehicle when she was struck by a box truck. The driver of the truck in this car accident did not stop.

Multiple cars involved in fatal accident on Pennsylvania roadway

Inclement weather always adds an element of danger to roadways in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. As a result, many drivers exercise extra caution when the weather is bad. Sadly, speed and weather both appear to have factored into a recent fatal accident on Interstate 81 that involved multiple cars. Several people were taken to the hospital with injuries, and one 77-year-old woman died.

Is it time for seat belts on commercial buses?

When commercial buses are involved in collisions, the results are often tragic. Bus accidents often result in fatalities, life-changing injuries and immeasurable pain and suffering. One reason for the serious consequences of bus accidents is the fact that the people on board are rarely wearing seat belts.

Chambersburg Police look for hit-and-run driver

Being injured in a hit-and-run accident is extremely difficult for victims and their families. In addition to dealing with pain and suffering and facing medical expenses and property damage, it is very frustrating for victims when the person who is responsible for all of this runs away from the consequences. Unfortunately, it was recently reported that hit-and-run accidents are on the rise in major U.S. cities, and hit-and-run fatalities have increased across the nation in recent years.

Survey suggests that Internet use behind the wheel is on the rise

If you are a Pennsylvania driver who texts or checks emails behind the wheel, unfortunately you are not the only one. Many drivers have these very dangerous habits, and a recent survey suggest that the number of drivers who use smartphones while driving is increasing. And, it is not only young and novice drivers who are a part of this disturbing trend.

Settlement reached in Pennsylvania liquor liability case

When Pennsylvania residents lose loved ones in tragic accidents, it is important that they are able to seek justice as well as avoid becoming financially burdened as a result of the tragedy. Pursuing wrongful death claims allows the loved ones of accident victims to hold negligent parties responsible for accidents. These claims also allow people to seek compensation for their losses.

Why truck drivers choose to drink and use drugs behind the wheel

Collisions involving large trucks have the potential to result in numerous fatalities, and as a result of this risk the trucking industry is regulated by both federal agencies and the state of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, many trucking companies neglect to abide by regulations, as do individual truck drivers. The consequences for this are accidents, injuries and deaths.

Alliance formed to address safety issues of women in construction

Female construction workers face a lot of completely avoidable and unnecessary  risks on jobsites here in Pennsylvania. Most construction tools, training, gear and safety protocols are designed for the use of men only. Most safety equipment is even designed and manufactured for use by male construction workers only, meaning that the equipment may not properly fit or sufficiently protect females on the job.