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Pennsylvania multiple car accident caused by mules

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Car Accidents

Many families in rural Pennsylvania own livestock. Sometimes that livestock escapes from its pasture, wreaking havoc on the roadways. It is the responsibility of the livestock owner to ensure this does not happen and that the animals do not cause a car accident.

Unfortunately, mules that escaped from their pasture are blamed for a recent three car crash. A 19-year-old driver heading out to hunt deer was not able to avoid colliding with at least one of the mules. The impact sent the car flying into oncoming traffic, hitting two more vehicles.

The teenager died in the crash. The drivers of the other vehicles suffered unknown injuries that required hospitalization. One of the mules died in the accident, and the other had to be put down. Witness reports say there were initially four mules, but authorities were unable to locate the other two.

Authorities reported that the deceased driver does not appear to be at fault in any way. Speed does not appear to be a factor. No information regarding the owner of the mules was provided.

This time of year, drivers in Pennsylvania are wary of animals, such as deer, crossing the roadways. Not many drivers would expect to encounter mules. The family of the deceased driver and the other injured motorists may file negligence actions against the party or parties that apparently allowed the mules to escape. If it can be proved that someone’s negligent actions caused the mules to be on the roadway, which led to the car accident, monetary damages may be recovered to compensate the victims, including the family of the driver that passed away, for the financial losses.

Source: Fox News, 2 mules cause fatal 3-vehicle Pennsylvania crash, police say, No author, Dec. 2, 2013


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