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June 2014 Archives

Tree falls on car, killing two children

We often speak of "car accidents" when we mean a crash or collision involving one or more vehicles. In reality, most of those so-called accidents are no accidents, at least in the sense that they are not foreseeable. If an individual consumes a dozen alcoholic drinks in a short period of time resulting in a high blood alcohol content measurement and then attempts to drive, no one is surprised then the crash into another vehicle because of their intoxication.

Municipal radar--safer roads or more speed traps?

Because highways are so integral to how we live in the U.S., issues affecting all aspects of highway transportation are political. From how we fund road projects, to where they should be built to the safety equipment required in vehicles, are all matters that can become political when they are proposed or implemented.

SSA: Doing less with less for more

A report from the Senate Special Committee on Aging has found a disturbing trend in the operation of field offices of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Or, perhaps more accurately, the non-operation of field offices, due to the SSA closing them.

Improvements and challenges for teen drivers

Teen drivers encounter many challenges as they begin their lifetime of driving. While they have the advantages of youth, with good health, eyesight and reflexes, they must face a significant disadvantage when they get behind the wheel; that of not having driven before.

Former SNL star Tracy Morgan injured in truck crash

The deadly truck accident that occurred Saturday is eerily similar to a crash we discussed a few weeks ago on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In that truck accident, a driver crashed into stopped traffic and caused a car to catch fire and two people died. Saturday night, a truck driver on the New Jersey turnpike also failed to stop for slowed traffic. He swerved but still crashed into limo carrying comedian Tracy Morgan.

Study: certain asthma drug combo may be particularly effective

There are many individuals out there who have had their lives impacted by asthma. Over 35 million individuals in the United States and Canada suffer from asthma. This condition can cause a person to suffer debilitating asthma attacks and other serious symptoms. In some cases, asthma and its symptoms make a person unable to have employment.

MyFord Touch system failures allow class action to move forward

Imagine that you are driving through a heavy rain storm when your windshield wipers suddenly stop working. Within a matter of seconds you are unable to see the roadway or even the vehicle in front of you. This causes you to become involved in a serious crash that causes you to suffer injuries.

Disability benefits a long time coming

We always warn clients that applying for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits can be a time consuming and lengthy process. Disability programs, like SSDI and from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), have complex and detailed applications, because they provide long-term, permanent disability benefits for recipient, and are subject to strict controls to prevent fraud.

Drunk driver could serve up to 40 years for Chambersburg crash

Driving a motor vehicle gives a person a great deal of freedom. As long as you can buy gas, you can drive anywhere you want at any time. With that freedom, however, comes a substantial responsibility. When operating a car or truck, you have a duty to all the other motorists on the highway. That duty includes not driving drunk.

In a serious car accident, do you know how much is enough?

When a truck or car accident happens, you may hope for the best. If the other driver was clearly responsible, you may think that you can rely on their insurance company to offer you a fair settlement that fully compensates you for the damage and harm you have suffered. Whether the car accident occurs right here in Chambersburg, somewhere else in Pennsylvania or in some other state, you may not want to trust in the charity of the other driver's insurance company.