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Auto-braking systems becoming more common

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2014 | Car Accidents

Technology has led to improvements in many areas of life. In recent times, one thing in particular that technology has been turned towards is the prevention of auto accidents.

There are a wide variety of different driving safety systems out there. One such system that auto companies offer as an option in some of their vehicle models are front crash prevention systems. Such systems involve having a sensor system on a vehicle that is aimed at detecting when the vehicle may be getting too close to another vehicle. What such systems do when they discover a potential upcoming front-end crash varies based on the specifics of the system. Some systems will give a warning to the driver, others will trigger automatic braking and others use a combination of these two strategies.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, front crash prevention systems that have the ability to auto-brake are becoming more common as an available option in vehicles. Such systems are an available option in around 20 percent of vehicles from model year 2014. This is around double what was the case when it came to 2012 models.

The IIHS has also said that automakers seem to be making improvements when it comes to their front crash prevention systems. The institute recently conducted tests on 24 different automobile models when it comes to front crash prevention. The tested vehicles generally did quite well, with only three of the models getting the lowest rating, Basic, in the test.

It is encouraging to see frontal crash prevention systems growing in popularity and capability, as technology can play a valuable role in helping to reduce car accidents.

However, there is one trap that it will be very important for drivers to not fall into as crash prevention technology becomes more common. This is the trap of thinking that, because of these technologies, it isn’t as important to be attentive and careful when behind the wheel. This is dead wrong. Until human drivers are taken completely out of the driving equation, safe, attentive and responsible driving will remain one of the best ways to help prevent auto accidents.

Thus, failing to act properly when behind the wheel can put fellow drivers at great risk. Personal injury claims are one of the mechanisms that are sometimes used when it comes to holding negligent drivers who cause accidents accountable for the impacts of their conduct.

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