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Another sleepy truck driver causes fatal crash

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Driving is a multifaceted activity. You have to understand the functioning of your vehicle, and all of its controls. Then, while you are driving, you have to keep track of all that goes on around your vehicle. You have to watch the speed limit, traffic lights, other drivers and weather and road conditions.

You may have passengers, and may be conversing with them or, if they are, small children, dealing with their issues. And in this modern world, you probably have some electronic devices within your vehicle, from a dedicated GPS, to a cellphone with a map app, to iPads with movies and games. 

With all of this going on, you need to keep your eyes on the road and not allow distraction to drive you into car accident. But that is not all. Other issues can cause distraction or worse.

If you are drunk, the impairment to your reaction time and ability to recognize a threat on the road can be overwhelming. And as dangerous as drunk driving is fatigued driving. Drivers may believe they can make their destination without stopping and sleeping, but often that plan ends in tragedy.

A woman died last week when a truck driver apparently fell asleep and crashed into her vehicle while she waited at a stop light in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. The truck hit her vehicle and pushed it 260 after the collision.

Police arrested the truck driver, as he had an outstanding warrant from Tennessee for manufacturing methamphetamine. Police also took a blood sample as part of the investigation into the collision.

Her coworkers were shocked to learn of her death, but her brother stated, “We’ll get through it.”

Whether the crash resulted from drug use, fatigue or something other source of distraction, the matters little to the victim. That they are all avoidable only makes them more tragic.

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