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Car accident leaves Pennsylvania biker with serious injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2015 | Car Accidents

A Pennsylvania woman was flown to York Hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a collision. She was riding her motorcycle along Anthony Highway when another vehicle made contact with her motorcycle. The injured biker came to a rest on the side of the road, and the driver who caused the collision left the scene of the car accident

According to a report of the accident, a vehicle was traveling southbound when the driver traveled over the center line and struck the motorcycle. The biker was traveling northbound at the time of the collision. Although the driver fled the scene of the accident, she was later caught by Pennsylvania law enforcement and is currently facing charges. The condition of the biker is not known at this time. 

It is not immediately clear why the driver crossed the center line. When a driver makes a poor decision behind the wheel or acts recklessly, it could be related to drunk driving or distracted driving. Fortunately, there are legal methods by which a victim and family can hold a reckless or negligent driver accountable for his or her actions. 

In the aftermath of a serious car accident, a victim could be left with physical and financial pain and suffering. Medical bills and the monetary loss from missed work can impact a family for years to come. By filing a personal injury claim against the liable party, a victim can recover deserved compensation and needed support. To learn more about this option, a victim should seek the counsel of a legal professional.

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