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August 2015 Archives

What to do when Social Security Disability benefits are denied

Some Pennsylvania residents file benefits claims surrounding issues that involve a physical or mental disability. Those who have had Social Security Disability benefits denied might be confused as to where to turn for help in such circumstances. It is possible that seeking consultation with an experienced legal professional in the area would provide information and guidance needed.

Workplace injuries: Noise exposure leads to OSHA citations

The list of workplace hazards that workers in Pennsylvania are exposed to is endless. Some workplace injuries or illnesses develop over time, and determining a date of onset is difficult. These maladies are sometimes caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, but exposure to excessive noise can also cause irreparable damage. Not only will damaged hearing have life-altering consequences, but it can lead to other workplace injuries. Compromised hearing can prevent workers from hearing warning signals, which can expose them to additional safety hazards.

Unable to work? Future of Social Security system questioned

Many people in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country, rely on Social Security as they have no other source of income. Those who are unable to work have relied on this system for economic security for 80 years. It is reported that Social Security payments nationwide totaled $71.7 billion in 2014. These payments were made for retirement, survivor and disability benefits.

Recent accident illustrates danger of motorcycle accidents

Pennsylvania readers know that riding a motorcycle has certain risks, but that does not undermine bikers' right to safely share the road with other vehicles. A recent fatal accident illustrates the danger of motorcycle accidents and the importance of vigilance and caution while on the road. This particular accident claimed the life of a 19-year-old man riding a motorcycle.

After fatality, family may claim workers' compensation benefits

The recent death of a Pennsylvania worker serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers and risks that are an inherent part of certain jobs. A pipeline worker was recently killed as a bulldozer rolled over him while he was working. While any work-related death is tragic, it is important to note that families may be eligible for certain workers' compensation benefits if a family member died at work or as a direct result of injuries sustained at work. 

'Amercian Idol' hopeful dies in car accident on I-95

Fans of the reality television series "American Idol" may remember that auditions were recently held here in Pennsylvania for the upcoming season. People came from other states in the area just to audition. One of those hopefuls ended up becoming the victim of a car accident.

Driver charged with murder faces wrongful death claim from widow

According to police reports, a 32-year-old man is accused of being intoxicated at the time of a deadly accident on May 5 that killed a Pennsylvania police officer. He currently faces several charges, including a third-degree murder charge in connection with the officer's death. Separately, the police officer's widow has filed a wrongful death claim against him and others.

The impact of a car accident on a child's life

Children are particularly susceptible to suffer injuries when they are in an accident, and sadly, the impact of these injuries can last years. A recent study of young traumatic brain injury (TBI) sufferers found that children can display symptoms of trauma more than a year after a car accident or other traumatic event. The consequences of a TBI can ultimately affect development and impact a child's ability learn in school.

Preventing workplace injuries caused by heat exposure

During the summer, extreme temperatures and heat exposure threaten the health and safety of workers across the country. During this time, it is important for Pennsylvania employers to take steps to prevent workplace injuries caused by heat exposure. If a worker suffers the physical effects of overexposure to heat, he or she could be eligible for certain benefits granted to those who have sustained work-related injuries. 

Social Security disability benefits can provide valuable lifeline

Maintaining gainful employment at a full-time job typically requires certain physical and mental commitments. Should an individual in Pennsylvania develop a medical condition or suffer an injury that precludes him or her from working a full load at a place of employment, it can become difficult or even impossible to survive financially. Social Security disability benefits are intended to help some of the most vulnerable citizens from being left to their own devices to survive.

Furniture company accountable for worker's on-the-job injuries

Pennsylvania residents who work in a manufacturing facility know that such a job can be rife with certain risks and hazards. However, every employee has the right to the safest work environment possible. Employers must strive to do everything possible to prevent on-the-job injuries by supplying safety equipment and appropriate training for dangerous tasks.