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The impact of a car accident on a child’s life

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2015 | Car Accidents

Children are particularly susceptible to suffer injuries when they are in an accident, and sadly, the impact of these injuries can last years. A recent study of young traumatic brain injury (TBI) sufferers found that children can display symptoms of trauma more than a year after a car accident or other traumatic event. The consequences of a TBI can ultimately affect development and impact a child’s ability learn in school.

Pennsylvania readers will be interested to know that in this particular study, researchers found that children who suffered a TBI often scored lower on IQ tests and were more prone to have shorter attention spans. This includes children with TBIs ranging from mild to severe. Doctors also believe that children who have sustained a serious head injury may be more prone to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Children with attention problems will typically have trouble in school, may have trouble socializing appropriately and may be more impulsive or aggressive. The side effects of a brain injury will differ from person to person, according to the type and severity of the injury itself. Parents whose child has suffered a TBI may have to pay for costly therapy and other accommodations. 

When the actions of an individual cause a car accident or other event that inflicts pain and suffering on another person, it is possible to hold the liable parties accountable. A civil claim can help a Pennsylvania victim and family recoup the financial losses that often accompany a serious injury, such as a TBI. To better understand available legal options, it is best to seek a complete evaluation with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. 

Source: Fox News, “Pediatric brain injury may lead to attention problems”, Aug. 3, 2015


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