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Claiming rightful benefits for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvania workers are typically entitled to certain benefits after a workplace accident, but it can be hard to understand what those benefits include. Despite the complexity of the workers’ compensation system, victims have the right to know about their rightful entitlements and the legal options available. After suffering workplace injuries of any kind, it is best to seek help in navigating the claims process. 

Workers’ compensation is designed to help individuals injured on the job obtain needed medical care and recover lost wages. Workers are entitled to coverage for medical care necessary for a full recovery, which includes hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation and ongoing therapy. In some cases, it may be necessary for a worker to seek vocational retraining if unable to return to his or her original job. 

Additionally, workers’ compensation is designed to compensate a worker for time missed work due to an injury. Employers often dispute or deny claims, but a lawyer can fight for payment of all applicable benefits, including back payment for wages that were initially denied. Every Pennsylvania worker is entitled to pursue his or her right to wage loss benefits. 

Workplace injuries can lead to lifelong problems and cause a worker and family to struggle with the financial aftermath. There are legal solutions available to those who find themselves frustrated by the system, which is often complicated to navigate. By seeking the help of a lawyer who is experienced in worker rights, a victim can be sure that his or her interests are protected while still focusing on a full recovery.


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