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Teen drivers may be at a higher risk for motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2015 | Car Accidents

Young drivers are less experienced, facing a higher risk of accidents and injuries in Pennsylvania and across the country. Their inexperience and propensity to distraction place others in or near the road at risk of motor vehicle accidents. It is important for teen drivers to be properly trained in order to protect their safety and the safety of others.

Statistics indicate that teen drivers are involved in more car accidents than any other age group. There is also a significantly high number of teen drivers involved in crashes that resulted in a fatality. There are many factors that increase the risk of these accidents, including distraction, speeding and lack of experience. 

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are properly trained before they are released to drive without supervision. Of the parents polled, only one in four indicated that they practiced driving with their children in adverse weather conditions or on unfamiliar roads. Very few parents shared tips for more complicated driving scenarios, and others admitted that there were certain situations for which they did not believe their teen driver was properly trained.

When a young driver causes a car accident in Pennsylvania, victims typically have the right to seek financial compensation for damages. The owner of the vehicle could be named as a defendant in civil litigation as well. No amount of compensation can undo the damage done in motor vehicle accidents, but victims usually benefit from a full understanding of their legal options. An injured party can learn more about personal injury litigation by seeking a complete case evaluation.

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