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Pennsylvania man suffers fatal workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

A Pennsylvania man died after a tragic work accident involving a forklift, cardboard and a stack of paper weighing one ton. The deceased suffered fatal workplace injuries while operating a forklift, crushed by the weight of one ton of paper. The accident occurred as a forklift operator hit a stack of cardboard, which set off a chain reaction, knocking over the heavy paper stack onto another forklift operator.

The man was employed at the Waste Management treatment plant in Philadelphia. This is a large plant, where there is almost constant activity and noise. Some 20,000 tons of recyclables move through the facility per month, and it is possible that the high level of activity at the plant may have contributed to the accident. Many workplace accidents occur because of distraction, lack of safety procedures or other preventable factors.

No matter what factors cause a fatal workplace accident, the family members of the person who is killed have a right to seek benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. While a thorough investigation will determine the cause of a fatal incident in the workplace, a family should not wait to seek the compensation to which they have a rightful claim. A lawyer can help a grieving family take the legal steps necessary to protect their rights.

When a Pennsylvania worker dies on the job, there is no amount of compensation  that can undo the damage. However, a family may be left with a serious financial burden, including funeral expenses and the loss of the loved one’s income. Workers’ compensation benefits are available for victims of workplace injuries and the dependents of those who are killed, and a lawyer can help navigate the claims process. 

Source: 6abc.com, “Man crushed by bale of garbage in Holmesburg section of Philadelphia“, March 1, 2016


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