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Protect your children this summer

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Car Accidents

School is out, and so are the kids. Younger children are riding their bikes through the neighborhoods and the older kids are out driving during the day when they would otherwise be in school.

This is a dangerous combination that can drastically increase the likelihood of vehicle and bicycle collisions. Serious accidents are especially tragic when the children are the victims. It is critical to protect your children during these summer months to avoid serious accidents.

How to protect your kids

There are a few important safety tips that will help you keep your kids safe this summer on their bikes:

  • Make sure they are wearing adequate safety equipment: The most important safety measure is a helmet. Make sure your kids are wearing their helmets and any other safety gear they need.
  • Check their bikes: If the bike is not working properly, it only increases the danger. Check the brakes, chains and tires to make sure everything is functional.
  • Make sure they know what they’re doing: Bicycling is especially dangerous for kids who are not confident in their ability to control their bikes. Very young kids or children who are unable to maintain control of their bikes should not be riding except in remote locations with minimal traffic and under the close supervision of parents or guardians.
  • Teach them the rules of the road: It is important for your kids to know how to follow basic traffic rules, avoid oncoming vehicles and remain predicable.

While a skilled personal injury attorney will help you obtain compensation if your child is injured in a serious bicycle and vehicle collision, it is much better to avoid accidents in the first place. Do whatever you can to keep your kids safe this summer.


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