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Several Temple University students injured in flash mob attack

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Personal Injury

A recent “flash mob” style attack on Temple University students has resulted in four arrests and at least eight injuries. The flash mob started from a seemingly innocent gathering for a movie showing at Pearl Theater in North Philadelphia and resulted in random acts of violence. 150 teenagers gathered near the theater and began attacking university students returning to campus from the Temple football game.

Teen attackers are facing serious charges

While police are still trying to figure out why the flash mob turned violent many Temple University students are recovering from their injuries. A 19 year old girl was badly beaten by the mob, sending her to the hospital. Two teens have been arrested in connection with her attack and are now facing serious charges such as aggravated assault, robbery and criminal conspiracy. She could also sue them for compensation for her injuries.

Another female student who remains unnamed suffered punches and her hair being ripped out. She is now covered in bruises, her jaw cannot open all the way, and her hand and wrist are swollen. At least six Temple students and two police officers were injured in the mob. Many more unreported injuries could have happened in the chaos.

Not the first time a Philadelphia teen mob turned violent

All together four juveniles have been arrested in connection with the flash mob, and police are currently searching for more. These flash mob style attacks have cropped up in Philadelphia in past years including a crowd of 200 teenagers who attacked people in 2013, resulting in 14 arrests. In the wake of the recent attacks many victims are left feeling the pain of their injuries and hospital costs. Those victims can contact a personal injury attorney to seek compensation for their injuries.


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