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Work accidents can lead to vision impairment

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

While many people immediately think of single accident injuries that damage a worker’s back, shoulders or arms, workers’ compensation can cover a broad range of accident types and catastrophic injuries. Numerous situations can lead to perceptive challenges including the loss of hearing or vision.

A workplace must provide the necessary protective gear to ensure workers stay safe while on the job. Additionally, they must provide education regarding the hazards they might face. Whether this means having an easily accessible Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) manual or providing clear warning labels and danger signs when appropriate, a workplace must follow various safety protocols. Unfortunately, workers might still suffer lasting vision damage.

  • Impact injuries: Unprotected eyes can easily be damaged by foreign objects. From particulate matter such as silica dust and sand to projectiles from an explosion or a faulty safety shield, workers can suffer significant eye damage from scratches, cuts or punctures.
  • Eye strain: From the constant use of computer monitors to focusing in on detail work that requires the manipulation of small objects, a worker might be forced to strain his or her eyes for days, months or years. Additionally, a poorly-lit occupational environment can result in stressed eyes and vision impairment.
  • Chemical damage: Chemical burns are a common source of skin damage. Unfortunately, these hazardous chemicals can make their way to a worker’s eyes resulting in vision impairment. From the splash directly hitting a worker in the face to a worker transferring the chemical from his or her hands to the eyes, toxic materials can lead to serious vision impairment or blindness.

No matter the source of your injury or the severity of the damage, is it crucial that you explore your benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. An experienced lawyer can provide the guidance and answers you need.


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