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Are Over-The-Counter Medications Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is designed to help cover your medical costs, your lost wages other costs that might stem from an injury on the job. It’s just a way for workers to know that they’re protected if they have certain risks at work. They’re not going to have to pay for all that treatment on their own.

However, when people talk about this, they’re generally referring to things like major medical bills after a hospital stay or the cost of expensive prescription medications. But what about over-the-counter medications? If your injury means that you need to go to the local pharmacy and buy anything, from painkillers to bandages, are those types of things going to be covered by workers’ comp?

Covering necessary medical care

Generally speaking, workers compensation is supposed to cover all the medical care that a person may need after being hurt on the job. This can often include prescription medication or time in the hospital, but it may also include over-the-counter medications.

In fact, lawmakers in Pennsylvania have started a push to have workers use over-the-counter painkillers more often than opioids. The reason for this is that opioids are highly addictive, and the epidemic has spread across the country. Pennsylvania is one of the states being hit the hardest by this epidemic. As a result, it is thought that having workers take over-the-counter painkillers first may help to prevent overuse of stronger painkillers, something that can lead to addiction.

If you’re going to use these OTC medications, it is still important to keep very accurate records. In fact, you may be better off to talk to your medical provider about getting the medications for you, rather than simply buying them yourself at the store. It is possible to purchase them on your own, but getting them from your doctor means that you’ll have medical records of the necessity of that medication and the reason that you used it.

Have you been injured on the job?

Workers in all industries could be hurt on the job. Those who are need to make sure they fully understand what legal steps to take. The compensation system can be fairly complex, but it’s very important to get the care you need without the financial burden that would otherwise come along with it.




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