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November 2015 Archives

Holding drunk drivers accountable for accident injuries

Drunk driving is an inexcusable, irresponsible behavior that can have devastating consequences. When people in Pennsylvania suffer serious injuries -- or worse --because of a drunk driver, these drivers may be held accountable for the damages and accident injuries that follow. Sadly, many people do not take legal action to protect their rights and their rightful claim to compensation.

Smartphones a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents

It will come as no surprise to Pennsylvania readers to learn that smartphones are one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Despite safety measures, new technology and new laws, drivers are still at a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents due to the use of phones. In fact, the number of traffic accident deaths jumped 8.1 percent in the first half 2015, indicating that distraction may be to blame. 

Pedestrians in wheelchairs face serious risks on the road

Pedestrians face serious risks when crossing the street. A new study highlights the dangers, especially for pedestrians in wheelchairs. The researchers reported that individuals in wheelchairs are more likely to be killed in an accident with a motor vehicle than other pedestrians. 

Company faces fines for workplace injuries after amputation

A Pennsylvania company has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after a worker suffered a serious injury while on the job. The manufacturer faces a fine of $74,000 for serious citations, which were discovered after a serious injury to a worker's leg. The inspection from OSHA came after the company reported that an employee was hospitalized due to workplace injuries

Living with a brain injury after a car accident

When a person has sustained a brain injury as the result of a car crash, it can change his or her life forever. Even a minor injury can have a lasting impact on a person, leaving a family with medical bills and other effects long after the car accident. These victims and families could be eligible for financial compensation in order to recover their financial losses and cover long-term expenses.

Discover your options after a denied SSDI claim

There is nothing more frustrating than when a Pennsylvania resident is hurt or ill and is unable to get the financial assistance to which he or she has a rightful claim. Obtaining needed Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is a complex process, and many claims are initially denied. Instead of giving up hope, it is important for an applicant to understand how to appeal a denied claim with the help of an experienced lawyer. 

Pennsylvania car accident leads to man's plea of guilt

Collisions are an all too common occurrence on Pennsylvania roads. Whether on a busy highway or a quiet neighborhood street, a car accident can result in serious injury or even death. Such was the case in a recent fatal crash that resulted in the loss of one life.

Addressing funeral costs after fatal crashes in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania roads are shared by motorists and pedestrians on a daily basis. When accidents occur, tragedies often result, sometimes causing families to suffer the untimely deaths of loved ones. It may be helpful to know that successfully litigated wrongful death claims can result in monetary judgments to cover funeral costs and other financial losses associated with fatal crashes.

Workers' compensation for hand-arm vibration syndrome

Pennsylvania workers who suffer an injury in a work accident or become ill due to work conditions are entitled to certain benefits. These workers' compensation benefits are also available to workers who suffer repetitive stress injuries. A commonly overlooked work injury is called hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Claiming rightful benefits for workplace injuries

Pennsylvania workers are typically entitled to certain benefits after a workplace accident, but it can be hard to understand what those benefits include. Despite the complexity of the workers' compensation system, victims have the right to know about their rightful entitlements and the legal options available. After suffering workplace injuries of any kind, it is best to seek help in navigating the claims process. 

Car accident claims the life of Pennsylvania woman

It is always tragic when a car accident claims the life of an innocent individual. It is especially sad when the circumstances that caused the car accident could have been avoided. Distracted driving, reckless operation of a vehicle or drunk driving can cause serious injury or death to other motorists and passengers. Just one mistake behind the wheel can have life-altering consequences.